We have developed many evidenced-based toolkits for use by healthcare providers or other professionals working in these fields. Please view or download our Toolkits at the links below. Many of our toolkits are also translated into Spanish. Look for “En Español” next to the toolkit description.


DIMENSIONS: Peer Support Program Toolkit

This toolkit is designed for use by organizations that serve populations that would benefit from a peer support program. The purpose of this toolkit is to provide evidence-based information to help individuals and organizations understand the value of adding peer specialists to their teams. The toolkit also provides practical tools and step-by-step instructions to plan for, implement, and sustain a successful peer support program.

DIMENSIONS: Tobacco Free Toolkits

Designed for a broad range of healthcare providers, including direct providers, administrators, and healthcare organizations, this toolkit provides an education on tobacco use, skills for engaging in tobacco cessation discussions, efficient methods for assessing an individual’s readiness to quit, and information and research on treatments.

DIMENSIONS: Well Body Toolkits

Designed for a broad range of healthcare providers including direct providers, administrators, and healthcare organizations, this toolkit contains information on the importance of maintaining a healthy weight, developing skills for engaging individuals in weight management conversations, low burden means of assessing change related to increasing healthy behaviors, and evidence-based treatment options.

DIMENSIONS: Work & Well-Being Toolkit for Physicians

This toolkit is designed for use by physicians, their employers and their peers and assists with promoting physicians’ individual and workplace well-being. It provides education regarding the importance of maintaining overall wellness for physicians and evidence-based strategies for improving wellness.


Work and Well-Being: A Guide for Addiction Professionals

This booklet identifies common workplace stressors for addiction professionals and offers evidence-based, practical strategies and resources to promote healthy lifestyles and productive professional lives. It is intended to assist agencies to create supportive work environments as well as provide guidance to employees on enhancing their own well-being. This document was prepared by The Central East Addiction Technology Transfer Center (Central East) and managed by the Danya Institute.

Behavioral Health Cessation Coordination Model Toolkit

This Behavioral Health Cessation Coordination Model (BHCCM) Toolkit is designed to provide a framework for organizations operating within the behavioral healthcare system to implement new or updated nicotine/tobacco dependence treatment services. The toolkit provides organizations with a blueprint for evaluating their services and implementing sustainable changes utilizing the BHCCM as a planning tool.

Mobile Health Evaluation Toolkit

The Mobile Health Evaluation Toolkit is designed for health care workers that would benefit from implementing mobile health into their organizations or who want to make mobile health recommendations to patients. These materials are intended for healthcare and behavioral healthcare providers, system administrators, and health officials.