DIMENSIONS: Well Body Toolkit for Healthcare Providers

Designed for a broad range of healthcare providers including direct providers, administrators, and healthcare organizations, this toolkit contains information on the importance of maintaining a healthy weight, developing skills for engaging individuals in weight management conversations, low burden means of assessing change related to increasing healthy behaviors, and evidence-based treatment options.

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Supplements for Priority Populations:

Behavioral Health

Provides education on the contributing factors to increased rates of obesity in this population as well as strategies for interventions and targeted programming to address the unique needs of persons with behavioral health conditions. En Español

Justice Involved

Focuses on the health of incarcerated individuals as well as those individuals preparing for release into the community. Provides guidance for healthcare professionals and correctional administrators and staff who want to improve health outcomes for justice involved individuals.


Provides education on low-burden methods for assisting clients in maintaining healthy lifestyles. Additionally, it provides information on the contributing factors to increased health risks in the low-income population and provides strategies to address the economic barriers and specific targeting this population faces. En Español

Pregnant and Postpartum

Focuses on well body interventions for women before, during, and after pregnancy. This population is especially motivated to achieve the best possible health outcomes for themselves and their babies. This supplement provides instruction on interventions that support good nutrition, weight management, and overall health and well-being.

Young Adult

Provides information about this population and how to partner with clients to help them reach their health goals. Also offers guidance on special considerations for providing evidence-based obesity and weight management treatment to young adults. En Español