Rocky Mountain Tobacco Treatment Specialist (RMTTS) Training Program

The Rocky Mountain Tobacco Treatment Specialist (RMTTS) Training Program was developed to train interdisciplinary healthcare providers and community and public health professionals to become tobacco cessation champions for their organizations and communities. This program offers the highest quality tobacco treatment specialist (TTS) training based on the latest evidence-based tobacco cessation research and treatment strategies.

The RMTTS Training Program provides a comprehensive, focused, and convenient process by which individuals can master the core competencies defined by the Association for the Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependence (ATTUD) and obtain the necessary training required for a national tobacco treatment specialist certification application. For more information about how accreditation and the professionalization of this certificate work, please see the Journal of Smoking Cessation article, Increasing the Quality and Availability of Evidence-based Treatment for Tobacco Dependence through Unified Certification of Tobacco Treatment Specialists.

 Fall 2024 Virtual Training Dates:

October 21-24, 2024

Registration closes October 7, 2024

The RMTTS Program consists of an interactive, 4-day training experience focused on providing the necessary knowledge, clinical skills, and evidence-based treatment strategies to effectively treat tobacco dependence. This program facilitates trainee mastery of the ATTUD Core Competencies Skill Sets and is structured such that the first three days consist of focused instruction along with interactive and hands-on learning activities, group discussion, and role-play. During the second and third mornings, participants will complete a short, 30-minute examination of material covered the previous day. On the fourth day, participants will complete a two-part exam, consisting of a comprehensive multiple choice/short answer component and a case study component designed to assess trainees’ understanding of treatment strategies in a “real world” context. Graduates will leave this training program confident in their abilities to effectively treat tobacco dependence.

There are two national certifications for Tobacco Treatment Specialists.

The National Certification in Nicotine and Tobacco Treatment (NCNTT) through NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals

Certified Professional by The American Heart Association (CPAHA)