DIMENSIONS: Well Body Program

The DIMENSIONS: Well Body Program is an evidence-based program intended to provide administrators, healthcare providers, and peer specialists the necessary knowledge and skills to promote physical health and well-being. This innovative program provides training on strategies for coping with stress, healthy sleep, healthy eating, and physical activity as well as ways to promote positive behavior change through motivational engagement and behavior change strategies. The information, strategies, skills contained in this program can be used to support individuals to build a healthy lifestyle by helping them to envision and achieve their personal Well Body goals.

DIMENSIONS: Well Body Advanced Techniques Training

Training Objectives

Learn how to discuss topics that include coping with stress, healthy sleep, healthy eating, and physical activity

Learn proper usage of motivational engagement strategies

Facilitate educational activities

Running peer- or provider-led DIMENSIONS: Well Body groups




This one-and-a-half-day training covers topics that include coping with stress, healthy sleep, healthy eating, physical activity, motivation for behavior change, and the DIMENSIONS: Well Body Motivational Intervention. Trainees will also learn to facilitate the DIMENSIONS: Well Body Group curriculum—a 6-week group focused on creating a healthy lifestyle.

Spring 2024 Virtual Training:

April 3-4, 2024

Registration closes March 21, 2024

Fall 2024 Virtual Training:

November 6-7, 2024

Registration closes October 24, 2024

DIMENSIONS: Well Body Fundamentals Training

The Fundamentals training is a half to one-day training intended for healthcare providers who work with individuals to create a healthy lifestyle. The training focuses on the four behavioral factors covered by the DIMENSIONS: Well Body Program, which include coping with stress, healthy sleep, healthy eating, and physical activity. Additionally, we adapt the fundamentals training to match the need of the trainees. We can add specialized modules, including motivation for health behavior change and the DIMENSIONS: Well Body Motivational Intervention.

Priority Populations

Nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and stress impact the health of not only individuals, but families across generations. Poor health and chronic disease tend to run in families for several reasons, including factors such as genetic predispositions, engaging in similar behaviors that increase risk for developing chronic disease, and environmental factors such as availability of nutritious food and stress, which can change how genes are expressed.

Priority populations are especially likely to struggle with attaining healthy lifestyles. People living in poverty, those experiencing racial discrimination, and those struggling with mental health conditions or addictions are especially vulnerable. These challenges place priority populations at greater risk for developing chronic diseases and other health problems. We believe it is critically important to interrupt the intergenerational cycle of poor health and disease within the most vulnerable populations. This is a central aim of the DIMENSIONS: Well Body Program.

For more information on the DIMENSIONS: Well Body Program, please contact us at:

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