Work and Well-Being

BHWP is partnering with four large behavioral health and public health systems to develop tailored workplace wellness programs. To guide implementation of wellness initiatives, BHWP conducted an evaluation for each health organization including 1) an environmental scan to collect qualitative data regarding organizational wellness culture and climate, and 2) development and administration of a comprehensive ‘Employee Wellness Survey.’ The Employee Wellness Survey is a multi-dimensional measure that yields a quantitative score for each of 8 Dimensions of Wellness (separately for personal and employer-supported wellness). In addition, it assesses specific aspects of physical, occupational, emotional, and social wellness in more detail (e.g., General health including sleep, nutrition, stress, and physical activity; Burnout; Control and Autonomy; Workplace Demands; Isolation and Connection).

Results from the environmental scan and survey provided a baseline snapshot of current workplace conditions, as well as employee health and wellness indicators. Moreover, they provide a high-utility roadmap for organizational leadership and wellness champions to follow as they create work environments that foster resilience among their employees and those they serve. Organizations are currently implementing rapid improvement goals, and the Employee Wellness Survey will be readministered in Summer 2023 to assess progress

Using data aggregated across all four behavioral health organizations, BHWP is also studying individual factors that may impact physical and mental health, job satisfaction, and experiences of burnout among behavioral healthcare workers. For example, we are examining how various work conditions may differentially impact individuals’ health and wellness depending on sex, race/ethnicity, age, position and tenure within an organization. Results from this work may contribute to the identification and implementation of more effective workplace wellness interventions, targeted to the people for whom they will be most helpful.