Our mission is to improve quality of life by facilitating evidence-based health behavior change for communities, organizations, and individuals. As experts on health behavior change, we believe passionately in the power of education and awareness – by increasing the knowledge base, skills, and mindfulness of individuals or organizations, we can purposefully and effectively bring about positive change.

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Tip of the Week

Wellness Tip of the Week

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When making a large purchase, take a few days before committing. Some reflection may inform your decision.

Wellness News

June 23, 2015

BHWP Participates in School of Medicine Resilience Council

The Resilience Council is a joint collaboration across departments of the School of Medicine and was established to help School of Medicine faculty, residents, and fellows build resilience, boost well-being and mitigate burnout.

Dr. Cindy Morris represents BHWP and offers a unique wellness perspective, helping to determine what mindfulness and health behavior change strategies best suit different School of Medicine professions.

For more information, see the School of Medicine newsletter here.

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June 11, 2015

Webinar: Integrating Tobacco Cessation Tools and Practices within Behavioral Health Settings

Join the National Behavioral Health Network for the June 23 webinar focused on addressing tobacco use and providing cessation supports for people with mental illness and addictions.

During this webinar, participants will learn about:

  • Making the case for integrating tobacco cessation practices and utilizing tobacco cessation tools within community behavioral health settings
  • Tobacco cessation practice guidelines and evidence-based cessation tools
  • Successes and lessons learned from community behavioral health provider(s) that have integrated tobacco cessation efforts into practice

Tue, Jun 23, 2015 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM MDT

Registration at this link.

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Cindy Morris, Clinical Director

Right now, I’m feeling really stressed. How do I know I’m stressed? It’s not just the pressure I can feel in my head that’s building into a headache. Or the chronic tension in my shoulders and back. I see it in my actions. I notice that I am doing more online shopping. Or going to the mall by myself. Or paying more attention to how I look.

I could minimize the significance of these signs by joking with you about retail therapy. Or chalk it up to needing new work clothes or something else for an upcoming trip. But I won’t. If I’m honest, it’s because I have a lot of deadlines looming. And I’m not quite sure if I’m going to meet them all. So it feels just a little bit better to know that my outfit looks just right—my trusted armor that protects me when I feel vulnerable.

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Register for October Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training Now!

Registration for the October Rocky Mountain Tobacco Treatment Specialist Certification (RMTTS-C) Program is now open. The TTS training will be held on the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colorado on October 12 through October 15, 2015.

For more information on the RMTTS-C Program click here.

To register for this comprehensive and interactive training, click here.

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