Our mission is to improve quality of life by facilitating evidence-based health behavior change for communities, organizations, and individuals. As experts on health behavior change, we believe passionately in the power of education and awareness – by increasing the knowledge base, skills, and mindfulness of individuals or organizations, we can purposefully and effectively bring about positive change.

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Tip of the Week

Wellness Tip of the Week

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Wellness is a choice, but sometimes it takes a little work.  How are you choosing to be well today?

Wellness News

January 25, 2017

Peer Navigator Project Launches at Denver Public Library

BHWP is partnering with the Colorado Mental Wellness Network in an innovative project that places “peer navigators” at the Denver Public Library. These peer navigators will work with patrons, particularly Denver’s homeless population, to help them find housing resources, mental health services, get an I.D., find substance abuse services and more.

BHWP will be providing evaluation support for this project. For more check out the media coverage here.

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November 30, 2016

Additional Research Shows It’s Never too Late to Quit Smoking

The American Journal of Preventive Medicine published research this week supporting the finding that “older adults who quit smoking in their 60s had a lower chance of dying in the years that followed than contemporaries who kept smoking.”

Not shockingly, the study found that “the earlier people quit the better, but there was still a benefit even for late quitters. Of those who quit in their 30s, 16 percent died. In their 40s: 20 percent. In their 50s: 24 percent. And in their 60s: 28 percent.”

To read NPR’s coverage of this research, go here.

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Balancing Acts

CHRISTINE GARVER-APGAR, Ph.D., Research Associate

For the first time in over 10 years, my husband and I are not parents of a little kid. Our youngest is in kindergarten this year, which means that both our children are “school-age” and gaining more independence each year. It is easy to think of our lives now as being no easier than when we were managing diapers and tantrums. But despite our hectic schedules and daily dramas, I have had to acknowledge the sense that one day in the not-too-distant future, I might have more available “head space” in which to entertain other intellectual or creative pursuits.

To rekindle artistic interests from my pre-family life, I have recently taken up oil painting. One evening each week, I join other students at the home studio of a professional artist in my neighborhood. We usually paint a still life set up in the center of the room – plastic fruit, colored wooden blocks, a bottle or vase, colorful napkins. The set-up isn’t particularly inspiring, but that doesn’t matter. We are re-learning how to see, training ourselves to paint what we perceive in front of us, rather than what we know is there. The challenge of discovering a combination of colors that will correctly convey relationships among objects is a perceptual puzzle I wasn’t expecting.

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Registration Open for May TTS Training

The RMTTS-C Program has opened registration for the May 15-18, 2017 in Denver, Colorado. The training will be held at the University of Colorado Downtown Denver Campus. The fee for all four days of training is $1,200 and includes breakfast, lunch, and certification.

Tobacco Treatment Specialists are an indispensable facet of healthcare organizations’ tobacco cessation services. Join the growing number of tobacco specialists working across the nation. This comprehensive program consists of 3 full days of training and one day of testing. Upon completion, you will be eligible to achieve the advanced certification of Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist.

Register for the May 15-18, 2017 training

More information on the RMTTS-C Program

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