Our mission is to improve quality of life by facilitating evidence-based health behavior change for communities, organizations, and individuals. As experts on health behavior change, we believe passionately in the power of education and awareness – by increasing the knowledge base, skills, and mindfulness of individuals or organizations, we can purposefully and effectively bring about positive change.

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Wellness News

January 2, 2019

The Year of Cessation

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has designated 2019 as the Year of Cessation. Please see the featured article Your Year to Quit Smoking along with attached graphics.

This article:

  • Encourages people who smoke to make 2019 the year they quit for good.
  • Promotes tools and resources to help them if they need it.
  • Shares the story of James, one of CDC’s Tips From Former Smokers® campaign participants.
    • In the video “No, I Won’t Buy You Smokes,” James shares how a conversation with this roommate helped reinforce his decision to be smoke-free.
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September 27, 2018

Motivational Interviewing: Enhancing Healthy Change

Reflect on how you feel when a patient or client does not follow your well-intended, evidence-based, even profound health-promoting recommendations. Do you feel frustrated, angry, impatient? Do you label the person “non-compliant” or “difficult?”

Perhaps what we have here is a failure to communicate. I just completed a course on Advanced Motivational Interviewing (MI) at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. It was hosted by skilled facilitators from the Behavioral Health and Wellness Program and attended by counselors, tobacco cessation specialists, psychologists, health coaches, and physicians. We worked collaboratively in teams to discover how to improve our abilities to communicate, facilitate change, and unlock motivation.

Read the full article here.

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BHWP Spotlight

CHAD MORRIS, Ph.D., Director

Where I live, spring arrives in fits and starts. In our neighborhood, we begin slowly emerging from our houses to the growing hum of yard activity. As the spring rains wash away the last remnant of winter, I impatiently await outdoor activity. With the planting season, my inner social imperative shifts into high gear. While I can contently spend days alone, the strengthening sun presents new opportunities to be out and about, to be in community. Throughout my own journey, I have learned that I am more whole when I work to grow healthy relationships. Not content just to be around others, I want to know others. This season, just as I prepare the garden beds, I will work to weed out daily anxieties and my ongoing “to-do” list to build bridges with others and to be present. This shared experience is critical to my health, and in turn, allows me to help others to be healthy.

Increasingly, researchers, healthcare providers, and city planners, among others, focus on the therapeutic power of belonging. There is a growing awareness about the negative impact of isolation and an epidemic of loneliness. Meaningful connection is key. It is the bedrock of well-being. I and our team welcome working with all of you to sow seeds of social wellness.

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Registration Open for Upcoming BHWP Trainings

Registration is currently open for several of our upcoming trainings. The trainings are held at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, CO.

Our next DIMENSIONS: Tobacco Free Program, Advanced Techniques training is scheduled for June 26-27, 2019. Register Now!

This one and a half day training covers tobacco fundamentals, tobacco addiction, tobacco cessation strategies, and a motivational intervention for tobacco cessation. Trainees will also be trained to facilitate the DIMENSIONS Tobacco Free Group curriculum—a 6-week tobacco cessation group. The Advanced Techniques training is a train-the-trainer model, meaning participants will leave the training with the materials and knowledge to train others at their organization.

Our 2019 Motivational Interviewing for Behavior Change Level II training is scheduled for August 6-7. Click Here To Register!

This two-day intensive training will focus on advanced application of Motivational Interviewing (MI) for health care professionals, including methods for strategically eliciting and strengthening change and commitment talk, decreasing and managing discord, and deepening skills of engagement and evocation.

This dynamic and experiential training will feature didactic material, trainer demonstrations, real-play exercises, and audio (or video) recorded practice, coding, and self-evaluation. Enrollment will be limited to 30 people. Co-facilitators and at least one training assistant will be present all day, each day to provide opportunity for personal attention to every participant.

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