Our mission is to improve quality of life by facilitating evidence-based health behavior change for communities, organizations, and individuals. As experts on health behavior change, we believe passionately in the power of education and awareness – by increasing the knowledge base, skills, and mindfulness of individuals or organizations, we can purposefully and effectively bring about positive change.

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Did you know the ideal temperature for quality sleep is typically 60 to 66°F? Consider adjusting accordingly if you’re having trouble sleeping.

Wellness News

September 27, 2017

“Treating Tobacco Dependence & Facilitating Health Systems Change” Online Module

“Treating Tobacco Dependence & Facilitating Health Systems Change” is the sixth module in a series of online modules for the public health workforce and community partners. This online learning module is part of “Foundations And Strategies of Tobacco Control (FAST-C)” and is funded by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment State Tobacco Education & Prevention Partnership. This informative module is for everyone working in the area of health systems change!  The learning objectives are:

  1. Describe why tobacco use is a chronic disease.
  2. Understand evidence-based practices, strategies, and interventions for tobacco cessation.
  3. Explain what “health systems” means and why they are important for tobacco control.
  4. Understand public health’s role in facilitating health systems change.

Log onto www.TobaccoControlCO.org to complete the module.

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August 27, 2017

New Campaign Launched by Truth Initiative: Business or Exploitation? Tobacco and Social Justice

August 19, 2017: People with mental health conditions (depression and ADHD, for example) and substance use disorders are estimated to account for 40 percent of cigarettes smoked in the United States, and 38 percent of military smokers start after enlisting. The much higher than average prevalence of tobacco use among these two groups is not a coincidence. For decades, the tobacco industry has exploited these and many other populations to sell its products, including those with mental illness, members of the military, as well as African-Americans, low-income communities and LGBTQ individuals. While the industry positions this as targeting and consumer choice, the facts reveal a darker pattern of exploitation.

Read the full article here, and watch a 5-minute video here.

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A Study in Wellness

Peer Support

WENDY MORRISON, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow

For the past year, I’ve had the privilege of working with the Behavioral Health and Wellness Program as a Fellow of the Wellness Leadership Institute (WLI). Through this opportunity, I was able to sharpen my leadership skills by designing and implementing wellness interventions in partnership with the Jefferson Center for Mental Health. The majority of my work was dedicated to the development of wellness and mindfulness programing for junior high school students in Alameda Jr/Sr High School, an ethnically diverse and economically disadvantaged public school in the Denver area.

The projects began out of a shared interest among the Jefferson Center and key Alameda School stakeholders to enhance the wellness and social-emotional oriented programming at the school. Research has consistently demonstrated the many benefits of incorporating such programming, spanning improvements in students’ academic functioning, behavioral self-management, positive health behaviors, and emotional functioning. With much credit due to my colleague and previous WLI Fellow Katie Greisch, as well as Jefferson Center and Alameda School staff, I’m proud to report on two of the initiatives that were successfully implemented at Alameda School and have laid the groundwork for continued programming.

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Registration Open for Upcoming TTS Training!

Registration is currently open for our our October 23-26 Rocky Mountain Tobacco Treatment Specialist Certification Program. Tobacco Treatment Specialists are an indispensable facet of healthcare organizations’ tobacco cessation services. Join the growing number of tobacco specialists working across the nation. This comprehensive program consists of 3 full days of training and one day of testing. Upon completion, you will be eligible to achieve the advanced certification of Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist. This training will be held at the Health Sciences Library on the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, CO. REGISTER HERE!

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