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An important part of financial wellness is preparing for emergencies. Set aside money each month for those “rainy day” expenses.

Wellness News

March 29, 2016

NBHN Call for Applications for Two Communities of Practice focused on Tobacco Control

The National Behavioral Health Network for Tobacco & Cancer Control is proud to announce the launch of not one, but TWO Communities of Practice designed to provide support to community behavioral health organizations and state, tribal and territorial agencies seeking to develop or enhance their tobacco and cancer control and prevention efforts for people with mental illnesses and substance use disorders.

To learn more about which Community of Practice is right for your community behavioral health organization or state, tribal, or territorial agency, go to their website.

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March 23, 2016

Dr. Morris Interviewed about Nicotine’s Role in Treatment of Mentally Ill

On the website The Influence, Dr. Morris discusses the role tobacco use plays in the treatment of persons diagnosed with a mental illness. And let’s be clear, it’s not a good one.

“When you’re smoking, nicotine metabolizes the drugs quicker,” Dr. Morris explains, so higher doses [of medications to treat their illness] are often required. When pressed about the claim that tobacco use helps people to “self-medicate,” he pointed out that “Nicotine does correct for some of the deficits that some individuals with mental illness have, but only for about five minutes.”

Making the disadvantages of smoking outweigh the short-term advantages.

To read the full article, go to The Influence’s website here.

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Susan Young, Research Director

For the past few months, my 4th grader has been experiencing a small, but significant, ‘wellness deficit’ when it comes to her primary occupation, school. I blame homework.
Tom Crowley, my colleague of 26 years and my first academic mentor at the University of Colorado, recently retired after more than 40 years of work dedicated to researching and treating addictions and associated psychiatric conditions. He is an icon in the substance abuse field, who has been awarded many millions in research dollars and has published over 150 peer-reviewed papers.

However, these honors and accomplishments were not what shined brightest as I attended several events celebrating his amazing career. Instead, what seemed most impressive was the legacy he has left behind. I am not referring only to the multiple residential and outpatient treatment programs he built or to the Division of Substance Dependence, which he established in a time when addiction was viewed more as a socially-driven, rather than biologically-driven, disease.

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BHWP Offering TTS Certification Training in May

The bi-annual Rocky Mountain Tobacco Treatment Specialist Certification (RMTTS-C) Program will be offered May 16-19, 2016 at the University of Colorado downtown Denver campus. Join the ranks of the thousands of Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists (CTTS) by attending this 4-day comprehensive training.

For more information on the RMTTS-C Program.

To register for this comprehensive and interactive training.

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