Welcome to CO-CARES

Caring for Coloradans who care for others.

Do you work in healthcare, public health, and/or emergency management? Are you a caregiver, public health professional, or healthcare leader who was impacted by the COVID-19 response?

CO-CARES provides healthcare workers and public health professionals with resources to support recovery, as well as develop well-being and resilience at the personal, team, and organizational level.

CO-CARES is the Colorado Alliance for Resilient and Equitable Systems serving the health care workforce. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment proudly launched the CO-CARES Initiative to help support the people who helped Colorado through the pandemic — and continue helping every day. Our goal is to bridge the gap between health care workers and the resources they need to support their well-being and resilience. CO-CARES is made possible because of an incredible alliance with the University of Colorado Department of Psychiatry, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Lyda Hill Institute for Human Resilience, the Colorado Hospital Association, the Switchback Institute, and the University of Colorado School of Public Health.

CO-CARES is for health care workers of all kinds. Clinical and non-clinical staff at hospitals, long-term care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, emergency medical service providers, public health, coroners, funeral home employees, emergency managers, behavioral health community providers, home health care, and more. All health care workers — from the bedside to support services to executive leadership — deserves to prioritize their well-being.

Access the BHWP CO-CARES Resources

Resources for Organizations

Create a culture of wellness at your organization. Identify and implement organizational practices to foster the health and wellness of your employees and the people they serve.

Decades of research show that organizational interventions and promising management practices enhance worker well-being and foster resilience. Wellness programs and resources designed to benefit individual health care workers are critical supports. It is also essential for organizations to embrace structural changes to create workplace conditions that foster health and wellness of all workers in a fair and equitable manner.

Resources for Individuals

Work & Well-Being Webinars

The Work & Well-Being webinars provide an opportunity for attendees to learn evidence-based information about essential wellness topics as well as engage in activities that support their health and well-being. Participants will explore these topics with their peers across Colorado—share skills and strategies, set goals, and practice wellness activities that help to maintain sustainable change. Webinar topics include: Healthy Habits, Mindful Practices, Healthy Sleep, Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, and Sustainable Change.