DIMENSIONS: Tobacco Free Toolkit for Healthcare Providers

Designed for a broad range of healthcare providers, including direct providers, administrators, and healthcare organizations, this toolkit provides an education on tobacco use, skills for engaging in tobacco cessation discussions, efficient methods for assessing an individual’s readiness to quit, and information and research on treatments. En Español 

Supplements for Priority Populations:

Behavioral Health

Provides education on why this population has significantly higher rates of tobacco use as well as addresses the unique challenges associated with tobacco cessation treatment for persons with behavioral health conditions. En Español

Justice Involved

Examines the unique challenges regarding tobacco cessation and health among justice involved populations, including individuals incarcerated on a long-term basis, as well as those individuals preparing for release into the community, while providing guidance for both healthcare professionals and correctional administrators.


Provides education on low burden methods for assisting clients who face economic barriers in leading tobacco-free lifestyles. Additionally, provides information on other challenges this population faces and how healthcare providers can counter the misinformation that promotes further tobacco use. En Español

Pregnant and Postpartum

Women who are pregnant, or thinking of becoming pregnant, are often more motivated to stop their tobacco use, especially during pregnancy. This is a good opportunity for healthcare professionals to address tobacco cessation. This supplement provides information about how to partner with this population to support healthy behaviors before, during, and after pregnancy.

Young Adults (Ages 18-25)

Provides information about this populations and how to partner with clients to help them reach their health goals. Also offers guidance on special considerations for providing evidence-based treatment for tobacco cessation to young adults. En Español

Youth (Ages 11-18)

Offers guidance for healthcare providers, educators, and parents who want to support tobacco cessation and prevention for youth. Provides information about this populations and how to partner with youth to support healthy behaviors.

DIMENSIONS: Tobacco-Free Policy Toolkit

The DIMENSIONS: Tobacco-Free Policy Toolkit contains evidence-based information and effective, step-by-step instructions to plan, design, implement, and evaluate a facility- or agency-wide tobacco-free policy.