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Wellness Tip of the Week

Group stretching
Make subtle changes to your indoor environment. As the weather cools off, being inside will feel more appealing.

Wellness News

October 16, 2014

Study Finds “Fitness Age” May Be a Better Indicator of Longevity

The new concept of fitness age has been developed by researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. To determine your fitness age they measure your body’s ability to take in and utilize oxygen. This measurement is your VO2max, and it indicates your current cardiovascular endurance. The research suggests that although we can’t change our chronological age, it is possible to change our fitness age through consistent exercise.

For more on this article, see the New York Times.

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September 26, 2014

Savannah, Ga. – Care Coordination an Important Part of Decreasing Hospital Visits

At Memorial Health, a medical system based in Savannah, Georgia, a new emphasis is being placed on care coordination in order to prevent persons with specific conditions from coming to the hospital several times a year. The system is investing $500,000 per year and hired five care coordinators whose job it is to pay special attention to patients with poorly controlled chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

In one particular case, “working with the patient’s wife until she felt comfortable measuring her spouse’s insulin levels, and comfortable delivering insulin, made a big difference to a patient with diabetes who tended to show up in the emergency department two or three times a year.”

For more on this, see NPR’s article.

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SARA MUMBY, Program Administrator

I recently watched an oddly inspiring video from one of my favorite journalists, James Hamblin, an M.D. at The Atlantic. The title of this video? “Sad Desk Lunch: Is This How You Want to Die?” The title is your typical attention-grabbing headline intended to shock you into watching. And to be honest, it caught my attention easily since at the time, I was sitting at my desk – eating lunch. In the video, Dr. Hamblin speaks to a growing public health hazard in America’s office culture. The hazard? Sitting at our desk for lunch.

I’m guilty of it. Nearly every day, at around the same hour, I’ll prepare my lunch. I’ll sit at my desk. I’ll continue to work or maybe I’ll take that time to catch up on personal emails. I’ll do a variety of things while I eat, but what I’m NOT doing is NOT taking a break.

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Upcoming BHWP Training for Tobacco and Weight Management

Join the Behavioral Health and Wellness Program at our DIMENSIONS: Tobacco Free Program and Well Body Advanced Techniques Program trainings on October 14-16, 2014 in Durango, CO. These trainings are fully funded by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and free to attendees.

DIMENSIONS: Tobacco Free and Well Body Advanced Techniques Trainings
Durango, Colorado – October 22-24, 2014

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