Shawn Smith, MA, MBA

Shawn Smith, MA, MBA

Administrative Director

I joined the Behavioral Health and Wellness Program in 2008 as the Manager of Business and Information Technology, but recently my position evolved into BHWP’s Administrative Director. I oversee all financial, organizational, and technological activities of BHWP as part of the University of Colorado.

Since joining the team, I have grown in my position to also be one of BHWP’s lead national training and technical assistance providers for behavioral healthcare and integrated care organizations. I provide national training to directors, administrators, clinicians, and peer advocates on topics such as tobacco recovery, well body, and wellness policies for organizations as well as multi-unit housing facilities. Locally, I have served on the Disparities Action Committee, and assist in overseeing BHWP’s current statewide projects through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

CV – Shawn Smith, MA, MBA

1784 Racine St.
Building 401
Campus Box F478
Aurora, CO 80045

(303) 724-3716