Training Programs

We have developed multiple evidence-based training curricula to increase health and wellness across the lifespan. Through our trainings, we empower administrators, healthcare providers, and peer advocates to facilitate healthy behaviors and well-being in their organizations, for their patients, and among their peers.

DIMENSIONS: Motivational Interviewing for Behavior Change
DIMENSIONS: Well Body Advanced Techniques
DIMENSIONS: Tobacco Free Advanced Techniques
Rocky Mountain Tobacco Treatment Specialist (RMTTS)
RAISE Families For Health
The Clinical Edge


As health behavior change experts, we are often asked to present on a broad range of topics. We offer in-person trainings or webinar and online learning community formats. These topics include but are not limited to:

  • Health behavior change
  • Workplace wellness
  • Provider wellness
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Tobacco cessation interventions
  • Tobacco free policies for community health facilities


We work with communities, healthcare organizations, and government agencies to develop wellness policy initiatives that meet local needs. We have a utilization-focused philosophy of consultation. Our team works with organizations to define goals and desired outcomes, which drive pragmatic technical assistance and training to maximize these outcomes. Our goal is to build capacity for positive change through creative partnerships. Some areas of consultation include:

Workplace Wellness

We believe wellness activities need to be in alignment with an organization’s mission, vision, goals and objectives, as well as the needs of its employees and clients. We promote a healthy workplace through detailed organizational assessments, including a workplace wellness survey to provide the necessary data to create tailored solutions for your organization. With our experience, we are able to develop wellness policy initiatives that meet local needs and will align with already-existing policies and procedures.

Tobacco-Free Policies and Environments

To support your organization to successfully implement and sustain tobacco-free policies and environments, we guide you through the steps needed to enact a tobacco-free policy. We address potential barriers, offer advice on how to create staff buy-in, and help you to assess the success of your policies once implemented. Through numerous trainings and consultations, we have assisted over a hundred agencies to achieve their tobacco-free policy goals.

Program Evaluation

We collaborate with communities and organizations to develop sustainable evaluations that:

  • Clarify program goals
  • Create meaningful and manageable program objectives and outcomes
  • Implement realistic, low-burden data collection processes
  • Credibly measure effectiveness and impact
  • Synthesize results to guide program improvement

Organizational Wellness Assessment

We promote a healthy workplace through detailed organizational assessments that evaluate the health status of your organization. These assessments provide data that we use to create specific, tailored wellness solutions. This process involves gathering information from a number of sources within the organization (e.g., employees at multiple levels, human resource officers) to learn about the health status of an organization. Based on this information, we can work with your organization to create pragmatic and case-specific wellness solutions and to implement tailored wellness programming.

As your organization implements this programming, we continue to work with you to plan for ongoing success through rapid improvement projects, creation of meaningful and manageable program objectives, promotion of learning communities, and measuring and evaluating change.