Tobacco Innovative Grant

The Behavioral Health and Wellness Program (BHWP) of the University of Colorado’s School of Medicine is pleased to support organizations across Colorado that choose to implement and/or expand their tobacco treatment services and/or tobacco-related policies. By participating in the Tobacco Innovative Grant (TIG) project, healthcare agencies are able to benefit from the following services provided by BHWP:

  • Technical Assistance – Over the course of the fiscal year, BHWP will support the tobacco-related initiatives chosen by participating organizations. Through the expertise of our staff, and with the support and resources available through our funders and collaborators at CDPHE, we are able to help participants overcome barriers and challenges related to the goals they pursue as members in the TIG project.
  • Rocky Mountain Tobacco Treatment Specialist (RMTTS) Training Program – Via the TIG project, BHWP is able to offer sponsored seats to our RMTTS Training Program, which occurs yearly in October and May. Participating sites typically are able to send two people at no cost to this training, which teaches healthcare professionals how to provide individual counseling services around tobacco cessation. Such services are billable under Health First Colorado, Medicare, and most private insurance providers.
  • DIMENSIONS: Tobacco Free Program – The TIG project enables BHWP to offer up to five sponsored seats to participating sites. This training teaches individuals the basics about tobacco and how to run and implement BHWP’s six-module tobacco-free group curriculum. Materials for running the group are provided and the training utilizes a train-the-trainer model, meaning other individuals at sites can be taught to run the program.

In joining TIG, organizations pledge to work on their self-identified tobacco-related goals over the course of the fiscal year, with the support of BHWP. At present, BHWP has openings in the FY21 edition of the project, which are offered to qualified organizations and/or networks.

Tobacco use imposes the greatest single burden on overall health in the United States. It is linked to the five leading causes of death and claims roughly half a million lives nationwide each year. Moreover, tobacco impairs the quality of life of millions more people living with associated chronic diseases. Nevertheless, tobacco use is too often overlooked by healthcare providers facing more immediate client concerns and time restraints. By addressing tobacco strategically, your organization can improve the lives and health outcomes of your clients, while honoring your pledges and receiving compensation for providing these services.

If your organization is interested in joining the Tobacco Innovative Grant project, please contact the project manager at BHWP: Derek Noland