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DIMENSIONS: Tobacco Free Program

The DIMENSIONS: Tobacco Free Program is an evidence-based tobacco cessation program that is designed to teach providers and peers the necessary information and skills they need to promote successful tobacco cessation within their organizations. Trainees learn motivational engagement strategies, community referrals, educational activities, individual and group treatments, and policy change strategies. The program teaches trainees the skills and resources to promote positive behavior change in individuals interested in living tobacco-free.

Advanced Techniques

The Advanced Techniques training is a one and a half day training intended for all healthcare providers including peer advocates. The first day of training consists of education on understanding tobacco addiction, tobacco cessation strategies, and motivational intervention for tobacco cessation. The training uses the half day to instruct trainees how to facilitate the Tobacco Free Group – a six-week, onsite group for tobacco cessation. The Advanced Techniques training is based on a train-the-trainer model, meaning participants will leave the training with the materials and knowledge to train others at their organization.


The Fundamentals training is a half-day training intended for healthcare providers with previous knowledge of tobacco addiction and treatment. The training focuses on understanding tobacco addiction, information on the latest tobacco cessation strategies, and motivational intervention for tobacco cessation.

Priority Populations

The DIMENSIONS: Tobacco Free trainings can be tailored towards working priority populations who face health disparities or have specialized healthcare needs, including persons with behavioral health conditions, persons with criminal justice involvement, low-income populations, pregnant/postpartum women, and youth, among others. This program features an in-depth examination of issues facing these priority populations as well as strategies to address the unique challenges in working with these populations.

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