RMTTS Examination Components

Participants will complete a multi-phase examination designed to assess participant knowledge and retention of course content. To be eligible to become a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist (CTTS), participants must cumulatively achieve 80% or greater on all RMTTS examination components. The entire examination process takes place onsite as part of the 4-day certification program; there is no take-home exam component. The examination will have the following format:

Part I. Multiple Choice Quizzes (15 points each)

Two 15-item assessments of course material covered the preceding day

Part II. Comprehensive Multiple Choice and Short Answer Exam (100 points)

Part III. Oral Examination (50 points)

For the Oral Exam, participants will present on a hypothetical clinical case. They will be asked to identify: 1) assessment questions to obtain a clearer understanding of tobacco use and tobacco use history, 2) potential motivations to stop tobacco use, 3) other contributing factors to consider given the individual’s unique presentation, and 4) an individualized treatment plan, including recommendations for tobacco cessation medication, counseling and consultations/referrals. Participants will present the Oral Examination to one or two faculty members.

If participants do not pass the exam, they will not qualify for TTS certification; however, they will be allowed to re-take the exam again (remotely) at a later date.


Certification Process

Upon successful completion of the RMTTS, participants will become eligible to be certified as Tobacco Treatment Specialists. To become eligible for certification, participants must cumulatively score at least 80% on all components of course, including the quizzes and final examination. Upon course completion, trainees will be provided with a Certificate of Completion that they will need to submit with their certification application. 

National Certificate in Tobacco Treatment Practice

Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC) in collaboration with The Association for the Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependence (ATTUD) has announced the establishment of a National Certificate in Tobacco Treatment Practice (NCTTP). The NCTTP will replace the various certification programs that currently exist across the country. Accordingly, the Behavioral Health and Wellness Program (BHWP) will no longer issue Tobacco Treatment Specialist certifications or renewals for the Rocky Mountain Tobacco Treatment Specialist Program (RMTTS).

To receive the NCTTP, candidates must:

  • Provide evidence of one of the following:
    • High School diploma plus 4,000 hours (2 years full-time) of human services work experience to be documented in the application.
    • Associate’s Degree plus 2,000 hours (1 year full-time) of human services work experience to be documented in the application.
    • Bachelor’s Degree or higher.
  • Provide a certificate of successful completion of a Tobacco Treatment Specialist training program that is accredited by the Council for Tobacco Treatment Training Program.
  • Acquire 240 hours of tobacco treatment practice experience following the completion of training. This experience must be completed within a two-year period. This practice experience must be documented in the application.
  • Be tobacco-free (including use of electronic nicotine delivery devices such as vaping and e-cigarettes) for a minimum of the six months prior to submission of this application, and must attest to this in the application.
  • Adhere to the Tobacco Treatment Provider Code of Ethics and sign a statement that he or she has read and adheres to the Tobacco Treatment Provider Code of Ethics.

Applications can be found here. Applications should be mailed with a $150 non-refundable application fee to:

National Certificate in Tobacco Treatment Practice
44 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 301
Alexandria, VA 22314