1. What is behavioral health?

The term “behavioral health populations” represents the heterogeneous group of individuals diagnosed with a psychiatric or substance use disorder, as outlined by established medical criteria. This may include mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance-induced disorders, or any other brain disease resulting in cognitive and/or psychological changes or decline.

2. Does BHWP offer tobacco cessation services?

BHWP is now offering patients and the community at large a free tobacco cessation program to help interested individuals stop using tobacco and start a healthier life without tobacco.

The DIMENSIONS: Tobacco Free Program includes a 6-week open group that provides emotional, informational and social support for tobacco reduction and cessation. The group meets weekly and covers such topics as stress management, wellness, and behavior change techniques. Group discussion and activities are incorporated into the weekly meetings.

We are not currently running the DIMENSIONS: Tobacco Free group at the Behavioral Health and Wellness Program, however, if you are located in the Denver metro area, we can provide information on who may be currently running this group. Please call or email for more information: (303) 724-3713 or [email protected].

DIMENSIONS Training Programs

1. If I register for an Advanced Techniques training, do I have to attend both days?

Yes. You need to attend the full 1.5 day training to receive a certificate of completion.

2. Can I attend both Advanced Techniques and Fundamentals trainings on the same topic?

Attending both Advanced Techniques and Fundamentals on the same topic is unnecessary. Our one-and-a-half day Advanced Techniques training and the half-day Fundamentals training have overlapping topics and information and are designed for different audiences. However, if you would like to attend the Well Body Advanced Techniques training and the Tobacco Free Fundamentals (or vice versa) you are welcome to do so if the times don’t conflict.

3. Can I attend both Tobacco Free and Well Body Advanced Techniques (or Fundamentals) trainings?

Absolutely! Attending both the Tobacco Free and Well Body Program trainings is strongly encouraged.

4. What’s the difference between Advanced Techniques and Fundamentals and how do I decide which training is right for me?

Attend the one-and-a-half day Advanced Techniques training if you plan to run tobacco cessation or weight management groups, would like training on motivational interviewing skills and wish to train others within your organization on our group curricula. By completing our Advanced Techniques training, you will receive access to all training materials provided as well as ongoing support through our monthly teleconference for program facilitators.

The half-day Fundamentals trainings are intended for healthcare providers or administrators who already have a background in these topics and are interested in the most current, evidence-based information and strategies for tobacco cessation, weight management and tobacco free policies.  The Fundamentals training does not include the Tobacco Free or Well Body group curriculum.

If you are still unsure which training to attend, email us at [email protected].