COVID-19 & Tobacco

The Clinical Edge: COVID-19, Tobacco Use and Health Disparities Populations presented April 13, 2020

Webinar Objectives:

Smoking and vaping may lead to worse clinical outcomes following respiratory infections, which is particularly relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many groups of Americans, such as persons living in poverty, individuals with behavioral health conditions, and persons involved with the criminal justice system, smoke and use other nicotine products at high rates and are at greater risk after contracting COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. In this webinar we will:

  • Explore the disproportionate impact COVID-19 and infectious disease has among tobacco users from health disparity populations

  • Review the scientific evidence base regarding tobacco’s role in suppressing the immune system, damaging the lungs, and causing the underlying medical conditions that are associated with worse COVID-19 related outcomes

  • Discuss potential actions to promote education and abstinence from nicotine, particularly for at-risk population