Program Evaluation

We collaborate with communities and organizations to develop evaluations that:

  • Clarify their purpose, identity and goals in relation to their needs and strengths
  • Create meaningful and manageable program objectives and outcomes
  • Enhance learning and awareness about program processes and group dynamics
  • Increase program effectiveness and stakeholder satisfaction with products and services

Organizational Wellness

We promote a healthy workplace through detailed organizational assessments that evaluates the health status of your organization. These assessments provide data that we use to create specific, tailored wellness solutions. This process involves gathering information from a number of sources to learn about the health status of an organization. Based on this information, we can work with your organization to create pragmatic and case-specific wellness solutions and to implement wellness programming that addresses the needs of your organization.

As your organization implements this programming, we continue to work with you to plan for ongoing success through rapid improvement projects, creation of meaningful and manageable program objectives, promotion of learning communities, and measuring and evaluating change.

For more information on our Organizational Wellness Program, click here.