We work with communities, healthcare organizations, and government agencies to develop wellness policy initiatives that meet local needs. We have utilization-focused philosophy of consultation. Our team works with organizations to define goals and desired outcomes, which drive pragmatic technical assistance and training to maximize these outcomes. Our goal is to build capacity for positive change through creative partnerships. Some areas of consultation include:

Tobacco Free Policies and Environments

One of our focuses is assisting facilities to successfully implement and sustain tobacco-free policies and environments. We work with your organization through the steps it takes to enact tobacco free policies. We address potential barriers, offer advice on how to create staff buy-in, and help you to assess the success of your policies once enacted. Through our trainings and consultation, we have assisted over a hundred agencies accomplish their tobacco-free policy goals.

Workplace Wellness

We believe wellness activities need to be in alignment with an organization’s mission, vision, goals and objectives, as well as the needs of its employees and clients. We promote a healthy workplace through detailed organizational assessments, including a workplace wellness survey to provide the necessary data to create tailored solutions for your organization. With our experience, we are able to develop wellness policy initiatives that meet local needs and will align with already-existing policies and procedures.