The Behavioral Health and Wellness Program is part of the University of Colorado School of Medicine and located on the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colorado. BHWP was created by Chad Morris, PhD, in 2006 in order to address the overwhelming need for tobacco cessation treatment for persons with behavioral health conditions.

Over the years, we have become a multi-disciplinary center of excellence for public policy, research, training, and clinical care. Although initially specializing in tobacco cessation treatment, training, and technical assistance, we have evolved to include education and training on increasing overall health and wellness across the lifespan. We work with communities, healthcare facilities, and public health and government agencies to promote health and wellness. We also offer training and consultation to healthcare providers, administrators, and peer advocates.

We are a well-balanced and diverse team of health behavior change experts. It has come to light in recent years that many chronic diseases are related to poor health behaviors and that high rates of death could be alleviated by changes in behavior. This is one of the foundations of our program. We believe that wellness includes the concept of positive health behavior change – by positively influencing behaviors we can produce a more effective and comprehensive health solution. We also view wellness from a “whole-person” perspective. By addressing the unique roles of each level of wellness on individuals’ overall well-being and by using motivational behavior change strategies, we are able to achieve sustainable and lasting goals.

We use these philosophies to inspire the way we work with people, communities, and organizations. To date, we have worked with nearly 30 states to foster sustainable wellness initiatives. Our experience working with different regions has made us particularly adept at meeting each region’s unique needs as well as the needs of specific populations. We continue to adapt and evolve with each new project, and every organization we work with can expect a tailored approach to their specific needs.